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The Non-GMO Show is a Radio show committed to the positive of NON-GMO.  Preserving seeds, foods, soil, so our food supply are free of GMO’s.  This takes awareness, educating, consumer participation and working with companies that certify foods all over the world for providing NON-GMO Certifications.

Is it possible that Soybeans, Corn, Rapeseed, Sugar Beets, Cotton, Dairy, Sugar, Papayas, Zucchini’s, corn solids and Baked goods will no longer be available to us?  Genetic modification involves the mutation, insertion, or deletion of genes, is this, what you want for your food?

Creating change through action is where it is at. Get involved, if you would like to speak with us, give us a ping and let us know.


Dr. Goodpet

August 22, 2013

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Genetic Roulette

Be informed! This documentary will help.

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