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Lynn Rabins creator and host of the Non GMO Show, is from Los Angeles CA. Growing up with a Mother in the film industry and a father with a heart in the country, Lynn’s life was split ½ in Radio/TV/Film, and ½ taking every three months off to travel to the back roads of villages and hidden places. Meeting the local people and learning about their land. Being an herbalist, often invited to test the soils and learn about the native plants.
Lynn not only is the co-host of the Non GMO Show, she is the owner of , she is a transformational healer, spiritual life coach, a life wellness coach, a practicing herbalist, an intuitive who uses the gifts passed on to her from her intuitive grandmother in everything she does. Lynn truly stands in gratefulness for all that is gifted to her and is excited to give back thru the Non-GMO Show.






Rebecca Gretz lives west of Boulder CO, in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  She was born and raised in this area and has spent most of her life immersed in the rhythm of nature.  She is a nature child at heart and has a deep connection with Mother Earth.  She is passionate about conscious choice and the power each of us has to change our paradigm through our choices.

As well as being a co-host on The Non-GMO Show, Rebecca hosts the Expressions of Love Radio Share and is a Transformational Energy Coach with Essence Coaches 

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