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Being the Change….

be-the-changeSince the day Lynn Rabins and I decided to embark on the journey of non-GMO discovery, I have been in “school.”   Every day is filled with exciting news on how countries, local governments, companies, both large and small and individuals are making choices that move us closer to a GE (Genetically Engineered)-free food world.   Stories such as Ben & Jerry’s (owned by Unilever) committing to switch to all non-GMO ingredients by the end of 2013,  Peru banning the import, production and use of genetically modified foods and Whole Foods announcing that by 2018 all products in their stores must be labeled if they contain GMOs.

Each day there are new articles from around the world showing us that we are making a difference with our choices.  My choice to buy organic and non-GMO products, whenever possible, motivates the corporations that want my dollars to produce products without GMO ingredients.  The more times we make these choices, the more our dollars are going toward creating the world we want to live in.

There is, of course, the scarier side of what is happening world-wide with our food.  However, when I focus on those aspects, I can feel my energy shift and hopelessness start to take root.  When I am in that energy state, I am creating the opposite of what I want to create.  So I choose to notice where “we”-humanity- are consciously opting for sustainability, bio-diversity, health and well-being.  From this energy I am part of the change I am seeing in the world.

We at The Non-GMO Show are excited about sharing our discoveries and choices, hearing about your discoveries and choices and watching the world change. Please, come and join this movement of conscious choice toward life.

By Rebecca Gretz

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